The Language Experience™

Frank at Iguassu Falls

The Language Experience™ is something anyone can enjoy. You don't have to be fluent in a language to have this experience. You just need to be willing to learn a few words and phrases.

It's easy when you use our wonderful Natural Phonetics
  Reading our phonetics is as easy as reading American English.

Anyone who has traveled widely knows that speaking a few words and phrases of the local language brings a smile to the faces of those you meet. It shows respect and a special friendliness.  Sometimes wonderful things happen. People may be more willing to help you, or may let you take their picture, or invite you into their home or give you a ride.  If you're at an office in another country or at a social gathering, speaking a little of their language helps "break the ice" and makes everyone feel more comfortable and relaxed. And it can even be fun!

Don't be an "ugly American" who feels everyone should speak English and is surprised when they don't!  Sure, English is the closest thing to an international language we have on this spaceship, and you can find someone who speaks a little English just about anywhere.  But people still appreciate your speaking a little of their language!  It's called being friendly and treating everyone as equals while you are out and about the global village!

Frank Hill
At Iguaš˙ Falls, on the Argentine side,
holding my daypack and windbreaker.