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Chat Rooms

Chat rooms are sites on the web that let you chat with other people by various methods such as typing in messages.  We include this topic because there are chat rooms in various languages.  Here are some web sites that list chat rooms or are in different languages.

has the best tutorial to learn about chatting on the Internet.

Here are 2 comprehensive sites that cover chat technology and list chat room sites.
All Search Engines-Chat.  They have a comprehensive list of chat rooms.
Chat International.  This is one of the most comprehensive Chat Room sites which is very nicely laid out and easy to navigate. 
Google Internet Chat.  Excellent links to sites that describe various chat technologies and a list of chat room sites.
ICQ.com Chat Rooms-By Language  This is their page that lists chat rooms by language name. If you are not familiar with ICQ, take a quick tour here. There is also a master list of all ICQ Chat Rooms.
Internet Press Chat Room. They have a good list of chat room sources and ratings. They also have their own chat room with over 1 million registered users.  It's free!
Rivendel/Word2Word-Chat RoomsThe Rivendell International Communications site is down for an indefinite time. Word2Word has mirrored the content of the Rivendell site at their site. One of their sections lists and links to chat rooms in different languages.
Worlds Ultimate 3D Chat.  These people created the Worlds Chat™ site and this is their new 3D version. Click here to go to their company home page.
Yahoo! Chat Site.  This is the Yahoo! Chat page.  Scroll to the bottom of the page for International Chats.
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