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Cultures and Etiquette

Uncommoncourtesy.com has a list of
etiquette books by country.


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Books on Culture

About.com-Cultures  The Human Internet.  An excellent website with extensive cultural links covering the world.
Berlitz® Globetrotter  The Berlitz site has a section called Globetrotter where you can pick a country and learn about its customs and culture.
Bomis.com - Customs and Etiquette   A good list of links covering customs and etiquette Britannica's World Geography and Culture section of their portal has good categories and links.
Getting Through Customs (GTC)   GTC is a leading online source of global business practices, cultural overviews, medical & political information, religious & social influences on business protocol, and more for international travelers.
The Web of Culture-WorldSmart Portal  This company provides cultural information and services to businesses worldwide including books on international business and support for website globalization. They also have a WorldSmart information portal for international business people and others interested in international business, customs and cultures. The WorldSmart portal has an extensive directory of resources on many topics  including cross-cultural communication, and issues that exist in the global e-business world. This is a very nice, well-presented site.
Oregon International Division.  Click on the world map and when the country page comes up, scroll down to the Business and Travel Etiquette link. 
Worldbiz.com.  This is an excellent site that covers almost all the  countries of the world. The following information is available email or fax after payment. They have extensive information on international business practices, protocol, and etiquette. They also cover cross-cultural communication, negotiating tactics and country-specific data.
Country Reports.org  "1,400 pages of content intended to eradicate conflict by increasing cultural awareness" with National Anthems, Flags, Maps, Weather, News and the Nations of the World.  Includes on-line discussion groups.
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