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On-Line Dictionaries

There are a variety of products and services to help people learn to speak another language. All the way from flash cards to language schools.  The links we have included here are comprehensive sources for language information. They either offer language material or have extensive links to other language sites.
If you want to see what languages are spoken in a country, or to jump to sites for a specific language, click here to go to our handy World Links-Languages section.
If you want to find the largest selection of language products available for almost 1,000 languages, visit WorldLanguage.com the Ultimate Language Store.

If you know of another site we should include, please email the webmaster using our Feedback form. 

On-Line Dictionaries
  • Your Dictionary.com.  Wait for the page to load and then scroll down to this magnificent chart of languages for which they have dictionary links. They have more than 800 dictionaries in over 140 languages.
  • Internet Press Dictionaries. An excellent master list of dictionaries plus they let you enter words to find in various kinds of dictionaries. Scroll down to the bottom of their page to get direct links to major languages.
  • NetLibrary-Dictionaries. They have both Language Translation Dictionaries and Grammar/Sentence Translation Dictionaries in many languages.
  • Babylon.com. They are an information portal that has a good selection of language dictionaries.
  • The Alternative Dictionaries. This is a series of dictionaries with slang expressions in a language with the English definitions. 
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