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Language Stores
Language Software, Language Companies and PDA Language Software plus Languages for Kids software.

There are a variety of products and services to help people learn to speak another language. These language stores are some of the best on the web.

If you want some advice on learning a language, especially if you are a traveler who does not want to become fluent in a language, see our Language Primer.  
If you want to see what languages are spoken in a country, or to jump to sites for a specific language, click here to go to our handy World Links-Languages section.

If you want products for kids to learn a foreign language, see Languages for Kids.
Direct To Books on Australia Clicking the Amazon logo will take you to their Foreign Language section.
This company has the world's largest selection of language products.
Go to the Explore Languages product catalog of downloadable Pocket Modules with 50 words/phrases in a language spoken by native speakers plus printable pocket-sized PhraseCards.  Also available on CD-ROM.


Language Companies Companies that sell just their own products on their website. If they have language software for PDA's (PocketPC, Palm), we note this following their name.
PDA Software Stores Stores that sell PDA software products that include language software. Note that only PocketPC PDA's have sound. The Palm's do not.
Language Stores Stores that sell language products from many companies.  This usually includes books, software (desktop and PDA), and audio tapes.
Language Companies

101language.com is a co-operative venture between Multilingual Books, a leading supplier of language materials worldwide, and Professional Cassette Center, the producer of high-quality, high-value audio and video language courses. 
Audio-Forum has the world's largest selection of self-instructional language courses: 275 courses in 96 languages. This includes audio tapes, books, and CD ROMs.  They also have videos and electronic translators.
Their site can be viewed in many language versions. Click here or the word "English" on their home page to go to the English-version homepage.
Their "Learn To Speak" product is a best-selling language software program. They focus on speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills, from basic to intermediate levels using native speakers.  They also have free online samples of their language software you can try out and learn some words and phrases in various languages.
BurrOak Software (PocketPC)
They make the First Word In Hand language software series in several languages with sound.
ITIL.com   They make the TourMate language software products.
Living Language
The Random House Living Language company has over a thousand words and phrases in four languages (German, French, Italian, Spanish) you can try on-line. They show the English and foreign language text, a phonetic pronunciation for each phrase, and you can play an audio file of the native speaker saying the phrase. Click Living Language above to go to their home page that describes their product line or click here to go directly to the Fodor's/Living Language website.
MobiLearn.net (PocketPC Software)
They make the PocketPC OutLoud language Series: French, German, Italian, and Spanish with sound.  Check for new additions.
PDA Software Stores

Palm.Com. (Palm) This is the Palm Inc. website with everything for those interested in Palm handheld devices including products and services.  Foreign Language Search
PDABuzz.Com. (Palm, PocketPC, Symbian, RIM ) Another good comprehensive site for PDA and Palm users.  All the latest "buzz".  They have a nice categorized Links Page including links to Other PDA Sites who are their competitors!  They must have watched the film "Miracle on 34th Street." It is a nice gesture.  Foreign Language Search:  Palm  All Software
PDAStreet.com Foreign Language Search    A list of foreign language software products.
iGo Mobile Technology Outfitter  An excellent site.  Probably the best mobile technology website you'll find.   Click here to go directly to their PDA/Handheld Home. 
Tucows.com.    A leading online PDA site that sells products and has links and comprehensive information for any PDA user regardless of brand or operating system.
Language Stores
Although they specialize in travel guides and maps, they have a good language section covering some of the major names in phrasebooks. Scroll to the bottom of the long page to get to the Language Guide Section.
Agora Language Marketplace
An excellent site with extensive language material and links to other sites. Covers everything from studying languages abroad to finding a company that has language products. 
Foreign Languages.com
This site is designed like a portal with a directory of foreign language related topics (e.g., Books and Bookstores, Teacher Resources, etc.) that is primarily designed for students and teachers of foreign languages. They also have a general reference section for anyone interested in learning a foreign language.  This is a well-designed, comprehensive site.
This is an online language store that sells audio, video, books, software and hand-held translators for many languages.
Multi-Lingual Books
An online foreign language product store with books, courses, tapes, video, and software for over 90 languages.
Rosetta Stone
This site contains information on their Rosetta Stone language learning software that is available on CD ROM and online. Click here to go directly to the Rosetta Stone Language Library.
Schoenhof's Foreign Languages Inc.
They have one of the most extensive collection of foreign language study books (e.g., language courses, phrasebooks, dictionaries), as well as, a comprehensive foreign language literature collection.
This is the world's largest language store with products for over 900 languages.

Languages for Kids
Here are some sources for kids learning a foreign language.
Amazon.com  Search for Languages for Kids.
WorldLanguage.com Kids and Children's software  The world's largest selection for kids.
Language Adventure CD-ROM at magictheater.com
Language Explorer CD-ROM from Nordic Software.
Little Explorers™ (Languages for Children) Free picture book with words in English and a second language including French and German.
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