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Phileas Fogg and Passepartout approach the Swiss Alps

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  Pocket Modules
Pocket Modules are an exciting new concept for travelers who would like to have pocket-sized travel and language information at their fingertips.  They were developed by Travel Science and are available for download from their web site.

Each Pocket Module™ contains PhraseCards, PocketCards, or both. 

A PhraseCard™ comes in two flavors.
Regional Phrasecards with a few basic expressions in the languages of that part of the world and Language Phrasecards that contain 50 words and phrases translated between two languages. The present collection is for people who speak American English as their native language and want to learn another language. The innovative Natural Phonetics™ make speaking a little of another language easy since English words are mostly used to capture the sounds of the other language.  You're reading American English and its coming out another language!

Each PocketCard™ contains concise information and checklists about a travel topic such as Travel Security, Air Travel, etc. They're great for reviewing tips from travel experts before your next trip.

Pocket Modules are only available from the Travel Science website and are downloaded and installed directly to your Windows PC. They are not transferable to another PC.  You will need the free PocketPlayer from Travel Science and the free Adobe Acrobat® Reader to view and print the collection of PhraseCards and PocketCards that come in a Pocket Module.

A new Pocket Module™ will be added to our collection each month.
Free Downloads Download a free sample PhraseCard (World-1) and PocketCard (WebTravel). You'll need the free Adobe Acrobat® Reader 3.0 or later to view and print the card. Click here to go directly to the Adobe Acrobat® Reader download site.
PhraseCard™ This is a list of the words and phrases contained on Regional and Language PhraseCards.
PocketCard™ The free WebTravel PocketCard lists web sites for each of over 20 travel categories from Travel Agents to Travel Weather.
Pocket Module™ Overview This section contains an overview of Pocket Modules and includes the system requirements.
Pocket Module™ Catalog This is our current catalog of available Pocket Modules.
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