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Phileas Fogg and Passepartout approach the Swiss Alps

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television stations around the world can now be seen via the Internet. You will need a Real Player or some other software to see the video and hear the sound for stations.

If you know of other television search engines, please send us feedback.

Click here to go to the Web Multimedia travel topic. More and more travel and other sites are adding video and audio. You will need to download some additional software to see and hear this stuff unless your browser already has the plug-ins. Fortunately, most of it is free.

TVRadioWorld  The simplest and best way to find a TV or radio station on the web. 
Journalism net.com  This sites has a comprehensive list of websites that have lists of worldwide TV and radio stations.
The Internet Press-TV Guide  This is their worldwide TV Guide section.  A super on-line news site with links to just about every newspaper, radio, TV, magazine, and Internet news service in the world. We are talking 1,000's of links. But don't worry. They have a good navigation system and the site is beautifully laid out. They have good lists of radio and TV stations for specific countries and cities all over the world.
RealGuide.  This is Real.com's RealGuide homepage. This is the place to go first in your search.  To buy Real.com products or download free versions, visit the Real.com homepage.
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