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We are glad to have this opportunity to show you a language product designed from the traveler's point of view.   Pocket Modules make it easy to learn a few phrases of another language by listening to native speakers as part of a straight-forward, interactive learning experience.  Printable PhraseCards are included that put language information as close as your pocket!  Pocket Modules are designed and produced by the Travel Science Company.  They selected a Windows PC-based solution in order to reach the most travelers with minimal software development and to keep our products affordable for the average tourist and business person.
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Windows Versions Windows: 95, 98, 98 SE, 2000, ME or XP.    
Pocket Reader™
Download first
Free. Version 1.0 or higher. Latest is 1.0. Includes the Language Player application. It is used to display a list of the Pocket Modules you have on your computer and allows easy access to a language module or PhraseCard.
Download. This is a 2.4 mb file that takes about 8 minutes to download with a 56K modem.

Click here for an overview of the Pocket Reader/Language Player that includes sample displays.

Language Sampler
Pocket Module
Free. In a few minutes, easily learn how to say 10 phrases in each of five languages (French, German, Italian, European Portuguese and Spanish (Latin American and Castilian dialects).  Native speakers say each phrase at normal and slow speed. Also includes a pocket-sized PhraseCard you can print out and take along.
Download. This is a 5.4 mb file that takes about 15 minutes to download with a 56K modem.

The Phrases. Good morning, Good afternoon, Good evening, Good-bye, Please, Thank you, You're welcome, How are you?, I'm Fine and Where is (the restroom)?

or  just download
the PhraseCard using
Adobe Reader


You may already have these programs on your computer. If not, you can download them for free by using the buttons shown to go to the company's download section.
Please Note:  In addition to the free Pocket Reader/Language Player, you must have the programs listed below on your Windows PC to use a Pocket Module.  Except for  the Windows OS, all the other programs are free. You may download a Pocket Module first, but it cannot be used until you have the programs listed. Except for the Pocket Reader/Language Playerand Adobe Acrobat Reader®, most Windows PC's will already have these programs.
If you have Windows 98 Second Edition, 2000, ME, or XP you already have the necessary Windows Media Player and Internet Explorer.  You will still need the Pocket Reader
™/Language Player™ and the Adobe Acrobat Reader®.
Programs Description Download Button
Windows Versions Windows: 98, 98 Second Edition, 2000, ME or XP)    
Acrobat Reader® Free. Version 4.0 or higher. Latest is 7.0.

Internet Explorer® Free. Version 4.0 or higher. Latest is 6.0.

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Windows Media Player® Free.  Version 10 
The Download button will take you to the Microsoft Player Download Center. Please be careful when you chose your version from the pull-down scroll list.

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