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See how our travel and language pocket products can benefit elected officials, government employees and military organizations at the local, state, and national level.

We offer annual subscriptions based on the number of employees of a city, county, state, federal or international government department.

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Meeting Visitors To The United States.   People in government meet foreign visitors every day. From city mayors, governors, congresspersons, the White House to all the hard-working government employees and staff members supporting elected officials.  Sure meetings are conducted in English or there are official translators present, but wouldn't it be nice to greet visitors in their native language?  It shows a special warmth and consideration for their culture and country. Now it's easy with  our Pocket Modules where native speakers say each phrase at normal and slow speed while you follow along on the screen with our Natural Phonetics™.

With our Pocket Modules, you and your employees or staff can instantly speak a little of another language. To feel more confident, you can call someone who speaks the language and try out the phrases you want to use. Or have them come to your office for a brief review.  What a pleasant surprise for visitors to hear you say a few things in their language before the meeting or during dinner or a cocktail party. 
Imagine. He stayed late just to brush up on a few French phrases before that big trip.

Ah Paris!

Going Abroad
.   Whether you are part of a congressional delegation, or are traveling alone, when overseas, it is important to be able to speak a few phrases of the local language. It also helps to "break the ice" at technical and political meetings.  You can have 50 words and phrases as close as your laptop, or print a PhraseCard to carry in your pocket, wallet or purse! 

Government Subscription Program

This subscription program is for government employees and elected officials.

  • They can download Pocket Modules at any time and view or print out pocket-sized cards on regular 8.5 x 11 paper from any ink-jet or laser printer. They can then cut out the cards and carry them in their wallet, shirt pocket or purse.   Pocket Modules contain a language module with a native speaker and interactive display plus a printable PhraseCard.   Download the Language Sampler Pocket Module and be speaking 10 phrases in five languages instantly.  Or print a sample PhraseCard with 10 phrases in 5 languages (Adobe Reader required).  We will be adding additional Pocket Modules throughout the year.

  • Your annual subscription allows all your employees to download any and all of the Pocket Modules in our collection. They can print copies for their personal use and that of their family.  We will be adding a new Pocket Module™ with five more languages to our collection regularly. 

  • Free Technical Support.  8 AM to 8 PM, Monday through Saturday.   You pay the cost of the phone call. You can also reach our technical support by sending an email to Support using our Feedback form. Or you can check our Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) section on our web site 24-hours a day.