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Place: Finland

World Language.com

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This is the ultimate language store. They have the world's largest selection of language products, as well as, links to other sites.  They also have an overview of each language and country information where the language is spoken.  Clicking Go To Language will take you directly to their products for this language.


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This site contains excellent, comprehensive information on many languages. Their links for a language are organized by categories such as general links and on-line resources for dictionaries, translators, phrasebooks, newspapers, magazines, and lessons.  Unlike other web sites with language information, this site only links to serious and useful sites.  Clicking on "Go To Language" will take you to their page for this language.


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This site is one of the biggest and best guides to languages on the web.  It has links to both free on-line resources, as well as, a direct link to the Amazon.com page with products for this language.  They also cover language schools and other language topics and resources. Clicking Go To Language will take you directly to the iLoveLanguages page for this language.

TraveLang: Foreign Languages For Travelers

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This site contains text and sound files for over 60 different languages including this language which you can learn on-line for free. It also has links to other language sites.


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Audio-Forum has an extensive series of self-instructional language courses such as the Language/30 Series - more than 285 courses in over 100 languages. This includes audio tapes, books, and CD ROMs.  They also have videos, electronic translators and other language products.  The "Go To Language" link indicates that they have products for this language.  This link will take you to their home page. Once there, click on the link in the left frame that begins "DO WE HAVE A COURSE..." to get to products for this language.

Schoenhof's Foreign Languages Inc.

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They have one of the most extensive collection of foreign language literature and study books (e.g., language courses, phrasebooks, dictionaries) of any bookstore in the United States. The "Go To Language" link will take you to their page for this language.

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