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penguindiveBg.gif (9156 bytes) ExploreLanguages.com is a division of the Travel Science Company. This site is devoted exclusively to providing language information to travelers and tourists.

Travel Science has been providing travelers with innovative pocket-sized travel and language products for over ten years. We now offer our exciting, new downloadable Pocket Module software series where you can quickly learn 50 basic words and phrases in a language.

Whether shopping in Paris, cruising the Pacific, or on a Russian icebreaker in the Antarctica watching penguins, our Pocket Modules and PhraseCards let you speak a little of the language easily with our wonderful Natural Phonetics™.

Consumer and Business Products: Besides the best links to specific languages and language products by city, country or language name, we also offer downloadable Pocket Modules.  We have 50 phrases in 10 languages spoken by native speakers.

Language Data License Products:  We provide audio/video, foreign text, and Natural Phonetics™ data files to CD ROM publishers for use in atlases, encyclopedias, and geography games. Our World Language Software includes audio and text files for 15 basic phrases in 100 languages. Our World Geography Language Software has the country name and capital spoken in the local language and in American English for all the countries of the world.

We also offer easy-to-use foreign language resources including downloadable Pocket Modules™ and printable PhraseCards™ in the Adobe pdf format to travel-related websites that want to enhance their user features. 

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For anyone living in our previous home town of Albuquerque, New Mexico, who wants to learn another language, please go to our Albuquerque Language Guide.