I'm here to help you. Technical Support
If you need technical support for one of our products, use one of the methods below to reach us.

May we suggest you first try the two online sources of information listed under Web method in the table below to see if it answers your question.  If it doesn't, then please contact us. We will be happy to help you.

Click here if you suspect you have an Adobe Reader or a printer problem.
Hours:  8 am (0800) to 8 pm (2000) USA Eastern Time  (GMT/UTC - 5 Hours) 
Monday - Saturday (we rest on Sunday)

Method   Description
Phone   USA 1-770-472-0767
Email     (We will try to respond the same day.) Email Support using our Feedback form.
Postal   Travel Science 
  503 Southlake Cove Court
  Jonesboro, GA 30236

  P.O. Box 870125   Morrow, GA   30267-0125 USA

If you suspect you have an Adobe Acrobat Reader or printer problem, or an interface problem between the two, besides trying their online or product help or consulting their user manuals, try their online technical support (see table below).  The listed support links may not apply if you are outside the United States. You can go to a company's home page by clicking on their name below to find out if they have different sites for different countries.

We want you to be a happy customer.   It is only human to make mistakes. We will try our best to fix any problems or errors on our part.  If you are not happy with the service you receive, bypass GO! and send an email  to the
Director using our Feedback form!  We might add that complimenting a member of the Travel Science staff for good support is always welcome and appreciated!