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Look at the left column.  The Select Language Window defaults to a list of 50 popular languages. Click List All just below the scroll window to change to a more comprehensive list of world languages. Click List
50 to return to the list of 50 languages. Select the language you are interested in and click the Go button. If you want to find a city or place, click on that category to go to its main page.

You can also select a language by clicking the first letter of the name.

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Ah Wilderness!

Over 5 billion and counting!

Shows present day and night on Earth.
Shows present spacecraft in orbit.

Displays a world map of Webcams.
Lists times around the world.
Click here to go to World Links Help.

If we don't list the language, try the comprehensive iLoveLanguages website, World Language Resources Corporation.
Language Toolbar.  Languages listed in the scroll window with an asterisk *  after them have a Language Toolbar. Click here to learn about the Language Toolbar.

Language Notes:  If there is a language name in parentheses (  ) this is an alternative name for the language.  If there is a language you want us to add, or you have comments about a language, please send an email to the
Webmaster using our Feedback form.

Yin Yang

We love and respect all the people and languages of the world.  Any errors are unintentional and will be corrected as soon as we find out about them. We are all on this spaceship together!