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Language Topics
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There are a variety of products and services to help people learn to speak another language. All the way from flash cards and software to language schools.  The links we have included here are comprehensive sources for language information. They either offer language material or have extensive links to other language sites.

If you want some advice on learning a language, especially if you are a traveler who does not want to become fluent in a language, see our Language Primer.  
If you want to see what languages are spoken in a country, or to jump to sites for a specific language, click here to go to our handy World Links-Languages section.

If you know of another site we should include, please send an email to the Webmaster using our Feedback form.


Language Topics

How Many Languages In The World? More than you think!
Top 100 languages In The World We love the Summer Institute of Linguistics
On-Line Dictionaries Some super sites that catalog on-line dictionaries.
Translators Both software and human translation services.
Web Browsers in Foreign
You can easily display web pages in other languages.
Product Reviews Websites that review language products.
Language Stores Some of the best on the web.
Languages for Kids Sources for children learning languages.
Language Resources Well-known names in languages and other interesting language sites.

How Many Languages In The World?
There are anywhere from 7,000 to 12,000 languages spoken in the world today although about 90% of the world population speaks one of 15 languages. There are estimated to be another 5,000 dialects in existence. Pretty awesome!

Here are 2 places to get a list of languages by country.
Click here to go to the WorldAtlas.com website that lists the top 12 languages spoken in the world today. They are listed in the order of the number of speakers.
Web Browsers in Foreign Languages
If you need to view a website that is not in the English language, there are several options available. The common option is to install the necessary type fonts used by the language on your computer. If you are using Microsoft's Internet Explorer, it has many options for getting the fonts. Check the IE Help Menu for information by searching for "foreign language support." 
Almost all foreign fonts are available for free from various sources. Microsoft has made available just about every foreign font you would need. You can even download, for free, their CJK language Pac for Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Netscape and other browsers can also show you how to get foreign fonts for their browsers.  
Some websites that use foreign fonts let you download fonts free to view their pages. Check a browsers help, online help and knowledge base for information on foreign fonts. 
The Browser Resources page at the Internet Public Library site has links to all the major browsers in the world.  The CNET Browsers Topic page has an excellent review of browsers and links to all the major ones. You can also submit a browser question to an expert.
Product Reviews

We have only found a few places that have on-line reviews of language products (books, software, CD-ROM, audio/video).

1.  The SREB EvaluTech website.

2.  John Buckman did an Evaluation of all the Windows Spanish Learning CD-ROMs on the market in the spring of 2000.

3.  Translation-Guide.com has a language software review section.

4.  Amazon.com has customer reviews of their books, software and other products.

Computer magazines, from time to time, review foreign language products.

If you know of any other web sites that have language product evaluations on-line, please email us using the feedback from in the Feedback section.

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